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Fractional RF

Fractional RF Skin Firming

Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) focuses on heating and shrinking fibrous tissue deep under the dermis. It encourages your own natural collagen production to jump start its own cellular renewal process.

The goal of fractional RF is to restore a more youthful appearance by helping reverse the signs of ageing and gravity.


Fractional Micro-needle RF skin Refining & Recovery system (RF-cell) is the latest revolutionary RF technology combining advantages of thermal technology and Micro needle therapy but without invasive needles. It is a new technology innovation to effectively solve skin problems of the epidermis and dermis.

RF skin tightening delivers strong and deep Multi-polar RF energy into the dermis by injecting micro heat through tiny holes in the treatment head. It adopts Fractional RF with 289 electrodes, which provides direct and accurate heating of both epidermis and dermis with depth control from 6mm to 9mm. It uniquely controls the power and depth of the RF energy delivered to the skin with continuous or varied pulse modes. Fibre blast and collagen fibres are stimulated through delivered RF energy which results in improvement of wrinkles and elasticity. Great for all skin types.

RF Non Surgical Facelift $250
RF Non Surgical Facelift + Neck $350
RF Non Surgical Facelift + Neck + Decolletage $450
Stomach from $300

Fractional RF Packages - available for more than one area

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